New $2,000,000 Line of Credit with a $150,000 Profit Kicker!

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Do you want to join the ranks of people who are getting paid large profits from VISA, Mastercard & Paypal just for having your business connected to these popular companies?

This is the #1 Way we can help each of our clients get $2,000,000 in cash based business funding offered to them (so please read carefully).

You may have a problem, that you don’t even know about, if you are not getting enough access to the kind of business funding you want to make more income and increase your lifestyle.

But there is a fast way to fix this issue if you take advantage of the July Holiday Upgrade we are offering, which can start making you $150,000 in sales each year from a VISA, Master Card, Paypal, CFE and Clickbank sales system we can put in place under your business name.

When your business starts making MONEY, you start getting big funding offered to you. The more we help you make the more business funding you will receive.

Your business just needs to be set up properly in order to get the funding you want and to be able to make enough income that assures you can live comfortably.

Right now your LLC is missing the things that need to be in place to get you more funding.

You don,t yet make any VISA or MC sales through your business and you don,t have any verified affiliate income being paid to you through Paypal, CFE or Clickbank product sales and outside endorsements.

That is WHAT we can DO for you. And that is what is required for you to get the largest amount of funding that you want.

We can source and list products for sale in the name of your business so that income goes directly to you and can then qualify your LLC for funding.

Money simply flows through traditional VISA and Mastercard channel straight to your company when you hire us to manage this entire process for you.

We will collect the buyers for your business to own and control on a marketing list so you make money today and well into the future. This list becomes an asset to you and could even be sold in the future for thousands of dollars alone.

And we will manage the backend of your business so you don,t ever need to be involved with any of the behind the scenes tasks which make it all work.

Then when you have upgraded to our highest level you keep 80% of all the sales you make in this program with 20% going to cover the ongoing cost of labor. So there are no salaries for you to ever pay and no labor cost surprises.

Everything is handled for you by our team and you just make money.

Then that income immediately allows you to receive the business funding you want because your business is profitable enough to succeed.

Here are the 5 important question people have about this system and the clear answers that will certainly lead you to joining this great program with total confidence.

Q – how much business funding can I expect to get by using this service?

You will get access to up to $2,000,000 in new business credit when you join.

Q – do I get to keep the money my business will make through this VISA, Mastercard & Paypal sales program from the accounts that are put in my name?

Yes you do.

Q – what do I need to do after I join to make this work?

We do all the set up work for you as our responsibility when you have enrolled and we mail you out a package to welcome you into the program with our direct contact information enclosed.

This system will be fully run for you by our company’s staff who will act on your behalf.

Q – do I need to have a business name set up to get this funding and collect my profits?

Yes. You can use any LLC or S-Corp you already have established or you can request that a new one be set up according to your instructions.

Q - Is this program money back guaranteed?

Yes it is. All our programs are.

Here is the most important question we have for YOU.

-How much are you making from VISA?
-How much are you making from Master Card?
-How much are you making from Clickbank or other affiliate networks?
-Do you have a Paypal merchant acct set up yet?

Since you are not generating any profits from these large well known business networks you are severely limiting your business to the money you could be making with our help and the funding you would be given when you show these kinds of sources of profit.

You are easily leaving $150,000 a year on the table by not being plugged into these kinds of money makers that we set up for our members and run for them on a daily basis.

And your LLC has not been properly tuned to make it fully credit worthy.

We can do that using our proprietary techniques when you hire us to do it all for you as our experts do for so many other business owners.

How Well Does This All Work?

It is worth noting here that some of our long term clients enjoy many thousands of dollars in sales flowing into these kind of accounts when they are properly run for you by my staff and maintained according to our recommendations.

The point of getting one of these kind of proven income accounts and maintaining it profitably are 2 fold.

First, your business can immediately make money from these sales systems we already have in place - as a kind of ambassador of our company (by recommending the products that are for sale through our marketing channels).

All these sales will be generated for you online by our direct marketing which does not require you to do anything other than maintain your membership status with our company and make yourself available to attend short follow up strategy session calls.

Second, if you truly want to start receiving LARGE amounts of business funding for your LLC, you will need to let our expert staff set it up properly for you.

Few people have their business structured properly when they start the funding process. So we roll up our sleeves and help you by doing a full tune-up putting each part in place for you that is needed to assure funding.

Part of this business improvement process which leads to you getting major funding is to produce the kind of verifiable online income that will come to you as the owner of this account.

As common sense would indicate, the more money your business can prove it earns the more funding you will be given access to from our lender sources.

That just requires you hire an expert (like us) to start money flowing into your account,s from VISA, Mastercard & Paypal.

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Thanks, Tom.

PS: this sale ends and the enrollment offer closes at 11:59 pm Saturday July 13th.

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