Important Warning: This Opportunity Will be Filled by Thursday and Must Close by 11:59 pm.

Solve your current economic concerns instantly just by opening a certified “C” bank account through our new cooperative program.

Gain access to the nations #1 money marketing account where income is directed into it for you instead of you having to make cash deposits yourself. Then watch every time you open your weekly statement as your “immediate access” money balance grows and grows.

Are you ready to put the power of our networks global business marketing reach to work for you in a proven way you have never seen before.

Play the Youtube video (above) to hear exactly how this program works and also please “like and subscribe” to our Youtube channel when you watch it to get notified of the latest cutting edge content before anyone else.

Here is the best and hottest new kind of C-bank account that does not require you to deposit anything to open and which you can actually make income from. Thousands of dollars a day are being created in CASH across the board from the simple instructions to this program.

This is unlike all other similar institutions as this is a money marketing account that pays you generously rather than a money market account that pays you next to nothing.

I have had 372 customers of mine recently use these certified “C” bank accounts and the third party verification reports don’t lie. This is a WINNER! They have all made money by using this kind of account, product recommendations and business links that practically generate traffic all on their own.

This C bank method is a new and better way to protect your income from dropping as the world spins into recession. And you don’t have to manually run the business as the links being used to generate income are coming and going from your C-Bank account automatically day and night racking up sales that are the basis of your income.

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You get entirely included in this Patented C Bank account offering:

*Master C-bank account in your name or your business name. This is where your income will be made for you. And you just direct the payment method you want used for your income to be delivered to you as by Check or Direct Deposit. (most of our members choose the direct depo method for speed and efficiency)

*First 12 products your business will automatically use to generate this income you will be collecting (worth $479 retail) will be electronic provided to you at no charge to sample.

*Free delivery of all Drop shipping and Direct shipping offers your business will collect cash from. (no up-front costs at all)

*Link creator (done by my staff for you) good for hundreds of business opportunities you will be able to profit from inside the C-Bank platform of direct to consumer selling. These are from other entrepreneurs that will split all profits with you.

*3 recommended referral services for you to profit from will be all set up for you including valuable things like Email delivery systems, Hosting companies, Fulfillment center consignment, Software plug ins any business would be proud to take advantage of and Accounting solutions that are very helpful at tax time to save a lot of money.

It is ALL included for the one super low introductory price as advertised when you act before the deadline.

This complete C-Bank offer puts you perfectly in place with an entire set up of accounts, hundreds of affiliate recommendation links, dozens of referral products, direct shipping from the manufacture with no up-front costs and a free BONUS worth $5,000 in pure cash.

And it is ALL on SALE today until Midnight for an exclusive member’s only offer!

It is only $29

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Here you have before you, a proven way our members have been making money with for years, and that you can start immediately before it is too late.

And as an extra free bonus, this C-Bank offer includes a $5,000 (min) Capital One small business credit card source to give you help launching any kind of business needs you have. That becomes money you can use to pay yourself when times are tight or money to develop even more stream of income as business picks up again.

Plus – we provide all users of this program a dedicated support person available by phone or email to answer any questions you have free of charge. (that expedited support usually costs members $197)

This offer (in total) is like buying yourself a prime piece of commercial real estate for pennies on the dollar and flipping it for thousands. This is how people MAKE MONEY. And this is how you will be able to start making money regardless of what happens to main street jobs or businesses that don’t have this advantage!

Get yourself a New C-Bank account right now that does not require YOU to put money into to grow. Others have done this successfully from every walk of life because it requires no experience, no time commitment and no hands on from you.

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Thanks, Tom.

PS: the deadline to start using this is 11:59 PM Thursday July 25 so don’t miss out or you will kick yourself later when you realize how much money you could have made by taking advantage of this perfectly automated C-Bank system.

NOTE: this great program includes continuing direct service access, continuously updated resources given to you regularly and on demand training whenever you need it. You are automatically enrolled with access to all this for $29 per month. Your membership may be canceled at any time in writing and you still get to keep all the items outlined above.

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