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Get Faster Funding using an Expedited Personal Money Service

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How quickly can you get your hands on new biz funding is the topic of today's opportunity and is always the most popular one.

Or put a better way - Everyone always asks how fast they can get the funding they want when they use our business program.

First of all, we are all assuming you have a business name set up as an LLC as the fastest way you are going to receive the biz funding you want.

If you don't have a biz name, no one can give you biz funding - right?

Otherwise the funding would be tied to just your personal name. And you don't want that for business.

-Personal funds can't easily be tax deducted for max savings.

-Personal funds can't be hidden as off balance sheet debt the way a biz can.

-Personal funds require YOU to pay them back, even if something goes wrong, or to pledge personal equity as security.

-Personal funds have a low limit before you max out and get turned down, but business funding does not because your biz can always scale up to use more and more.

But be very clear, you and I don't control the speed of your funding unless you engage our expedited funding service and you have a properly set up LLC as a biz.

Your business funding starts with you having a biz or quickly getting your LLC name filed so you can receive this money we have access to directly into your business with no delay.

You get the advantage of Faster Funding now using our Expedited Personal Money Service for Your Business.

What could take you years to accomplish by yourself, we can now help you do in weeks when you sign up prior to tonight's deadline.

Here is how this expedited funding service works to give your business the money it needs as quickly as possible.

First of all, if you already ordered one of our basic starter funding programs you know that this included something like a road map for you to use on your own to gather funding for your biz. (you are responsible in that program for completing the steps laid out for you)

Good start. But you didn't yet get the GPS or the vehicle or the professional limo driver to take you directly to where you want to go as fast as we can step on the gas for you if you order this expedited program.

It is like the difference between getting a sandwich recipe and a list of the ingredients you need or just letting me BRING the piping hot mouthwatering delicious sandwich already made right to YOU.

In this program available only until midnight today, you will get all the things we have which dramatically speeds up you receiving up to $2,000,000 in funding.

You get all this:

The basic program sent to you in a welcome package if you have not order that yet (it is incl free today with this special offer).

And don't worry if you did already buy it, that money was well spent, because we will give you a $250 matching consideration in your profit acct as a bonus for your past purchase.

Everyone gets the profit acct set up and maintained for your biz as I just mentioned with $75,000 worth of free product made for you, manufactured at my expense and shipped out on your behalf as a way for your biz to instantly start making money which increases the speed of and the ammt of funding your biz is going to get.

We will use your current LLC if you have one, because that is fast. And we can quickly tune it up for you if it is out of compliance.

If you need a new LLC formed for your business we can also help you do that the same week you join because we can the best state contacts with the secretary of state.

There is also a lot more secret sauce as it were included with your order as our secret ingredients that no one else has for you to use to draw new funding with.

But at its heart, this is a expedited go to the front of the funding line, done for you service, that puts income into your hands and puts up to $2,000,000 into your biz acct with our full assistance.

Everything you need is included.

And everything that can be done for you will be.

But of course we will not share any of your personal info with anyone, since YOU are the only one authorized to make direct funding proposals on behalf of your biz.

This maintains your total and complete safety in any done for you program.

Supplies are extremely limited for entrance into this program so be sure to enroll right now so we can ship your welcome pack out to you and contact you by phone for your complete walk through.

Imagine how much more valuable and profitable your business will be once you are holding all this kind of funding and income in your hands!

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Thanks, Tom.

PS: as you know, with a deal this good, quantities are extremely limited. So please make sure you place your order immediately to avoid the disappointment of a dramatic price increase after the sale is over.

The final deadline to get this program is 11:59 pm Saturday.

Note: this program comes with continuous benefits, extra training each month and ongoing support from our team of professional staff. The fee for these benefits is $99 monthly for as long as you wish to use them. You can simply cancel at any time in writing with your membership information at: Desk@thebusinessfundingnetwork.com